Jan. 14th, 2015

angstzeit: (Eye1)
I'm a bit confused by people's complaints about the media. I hear a lot of unhappiness with the mainstream media being run essentially as an entertainment vehicle rather than a journalistic one. And I agree that especially the 24 hour TV news channels aim more for the sensational than the educational. Investigative journalism has been largely replaced with the speculation of pundits and shoving a microphone in random citizens' faces for commentary.

But then I hear this other complaint, "the media is ignoring _______." Occasionally, the media really is ignoring something, but most of the time, by "ignoring," people mean it isn't getting the "entertainment" coverage. The media is covering the story, just not over-hyping it. It's weird. We hate the superficial, sensational news coverage, but we complain when the stories we think are important don't get it.

Personally, I'm quite happy those stories don't get that kind of coverage. I think there's a lot of things, terrorism is an obvious one, that are made much worse by sensationalism. It is rare that a large-scale emotional reaction to a news story is better than a low-key reasoned one. Unfortunately, I think I'm in a shrinking group with that thinking. We've come to see over-the-top emotion as the proper response to "threats" in the news. Reasoned analysis seems, well, like ignoring something.

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