Jun. 16th, 2014 04:28 pm
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I'm not, generally, unsympathetic to at least parts of some conservative ideas. I'm also, to some extent, understanding of why many conservatives feel the way they do. But there is one thing I just can't abide: Iraq.
The idea of invading Iraq was pointless, useless, futile, careless, hubristic, ignorant, foolish, etc. Its execution was rushed, and deeply flawed. Its aftermath predictably unpredictable and destabilizing.

We were sold lies for the personal vendetta of some in the administration. And for that we lost many lives and much money, destroyed more lives, an entire country and disrupted the future of a region. We increased our debt; provided profit to cronies, shady characters and groups, and even left billions unaccounted for. We abandoned allies, and created in that country the very enemies we were told we were fighting to free the country from. And we created the rippling effects the country, region, and we are feeling right now.

And we killed a dictator.

It takes an amazingly skewed calculus to work that out to some sort of worthwhile endeavor. Unless, of course, you're one of the people who profited from the affair.

So, I have pretty much no sympathy for those who would lay blame for the Iraq war or the repercussions therefrom at anyone's feet but those who insisted on that war and those who supported them.

It is true those in power today might deal with the aftermath in a better or worse way and such efforts are open to criticism. But no one. NO ONE, who dreamed up, pushed for, administered, or supported that war has any standing whatsoever to criticize others for dealing with the fallout from that conflict. They have not only abdicated any moral standing to criticize, but have proved their judgement deeply flawed, and worse, their powers of rationalization and deafness to hypocrisy seemingly infinite.
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