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I know you're all just DYING to hear the latest.
I removed the toilet and the jury rigged floor under it I had to replace a couple of years back because the original floor was rotting away. Also removed a section of wall. I discovered that the toilet IS vented and that the vent has largely disintegrated where it connects to the extremely complex and unusual contraption that connects the stack, closet bend (pipe from toilet), vent and the pipe from the lavatory.
Now we need to decide just how deep into this mess we want to get. I probably should replace the unusual contraption with something a bit more modern. But it will be a lot of work and there's a few problems I'll have to work out. The hard part will be that it will need to get done ASAP once started.

I have had a bit of an idea, though. Since it will probably take a long day to take it all apart, maybe I can put in a temporary piece PVC to restore functionality. That way putting it back together properly can be a second stage.
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