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Using a reciprocating saw makes me happy. I had a jolly time chopping out the old plumbing in the bathroom we're remodelling. Good thing yesterday I disconnected it all from the water source ;-) Of course after the destructing part comes the constructing part... That I'm psyching myself up for. Most of it I've had experience with and shouldn't be a problem. But I'm going to have to take a section of the 4" cast iron soil stack out and put in new fittings. For those who don't know what that is--It is a large cast iron pipe (sections of pipe and fittings actually) that runs from the basement, through two floors and out the roof. I've never done that before. So first I need to make sure that when I take out the bit in the basement the whole thing doesn't come crashing down. Then cut the pipe in a few places and take out a fitting and section of pipe and put in two new fittings. I can already see several bad things that can happen and experience with renovation tells me there's a few bad things I haven't thought of.
The catch is that while I'm doing this all the plumbing in the house is out of commission. So obviously this isn't something I want to be mucking about with for several days.
But this is the sort of thing that makes life exciting, isn't it? Or at least it will make for an amusing anecdote after I get out of the hospital.

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