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Nothing has come crashing down that wasn't supposed to.

Got up bright and early to head off to Home Depot to rent a soil pipe cutter (a devise that's basically a chain with cutting disks on it and a method of tightening it around the pipe until it snaps. It makes a loud bang when it does.).
Then I snapped the pipe in the basement. Next I chiseled and pounded the bell of that pipe where it met the Sanitary Octopus (my new name for the unusual connection I mentioned before) until I managed to break it off. That went pretty well. Then I had to saw through the vent above where it had disintegrated with a reciprocating saw. I mentioned earlier that I love using a reciprocating saw. Not when cutting through 2" cast iron pipe. It is a long and tiring process. But once finished with that I was left with the hard bit. Getting the Octopus out without breaking the stack pipe it was connected to. I spent a great deal of time chiseling and whacking at it when I suddenly remembered the angle grinder! Had to get some new cutting wheels but I went to town on that thing, cutting at it any way I could. Sparks were flying everywhere. It was cool. Finally, I managed to loosen it up enough that it could be pounded off. CZ helped with that. She pounded and I caught the bastard. Here's what the wacky Octopus looks like:

Now I need to clean the lead and oakum from the upper pipe and install the PVC temp pipe. Then work out the plan for real reassembly.

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